Mike Eddy

Founding Partner

Founding partner at Berkeley, Michael Eddy has been in the Investment Services Industry since April 1983 and portfolio advisor since 1992. Michael’s experience centers on equity and fixed-income portfolio management and analysis.

Prior to Berkeley, Michael served as senior vice president with Drexel Burnham and Smith Barney. He also served as an equity coordinator with Smith Barney for 10 years. Michael graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a BA in economics before earning his MBA from Florida State. During his time at UNC, he served an impressive four-year stint as a varsity swim team member as well. Beyond his duties as managing partner, Michael is married and has seven children and four grandchildren to keep him busy. If you have any doubt as to why he is in such good shape, Michael is also a big fan of triathlons, golf, surfing, as well as youth and college sports.

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