How the Access Private Capital platform works

We source private deals through our extensive networks in a variety of industries and provide complete transparency and a convenient way for high net worth investors and institutions to see the pipeline of deals we are funding and evaluating as well as the deals we have passed on.

Through our custom technology platform investors can follow any deal, check in on due diligence and decide on a deal-by-deal basis if they want to invest. If we do decide to fund a deal Access Private Capital will also co-invest and manage the administrative and legal aspects of the investment.


Technology Platform

Technology has enabled us to create a new model for Private Investing.  The Private Investment Capital space is usually done through raising a fund that will make many investments over a multi-year time horizon.  One reason this is necessary is that the costs of educating, coordinating and aligning a large group of investors on a deal-by-deal basis has traditionally been too high.  We built a custom portal that reduces much of this friction while giving private investors more flexibility, transparency and accountability.




New Tools for Portfolios

Private Investing is certainly not for everyone.  But for sophisticated investors it can be a welcome tool to diversify their wealth as well as a way to find yields that have not been readily available in publicly traded securities in recent years.  We understand first hand the pressure that a low interest rate environment has put on investors looking for yield on their capital.  Furthermore, we talk to many investors who are concerned about the long term return prospects they are seeing in many public markets.