Charles Barry

Partner, Investment Officer

Charlie has certainly seen the world of investing change during the course of his nearly 40 year career. He began his career on Wall Street working for one of the nation’s oldest investment banks, Lehman Brother Kuhn Lobe. In 1990 Charlie transferred to the Lehman offices in Atlanta as a Senior Vice President and eventually moved to Bear Stearns where he focused on portfolio management, strategy and analysis.

Charlie joined Berkeley Capital Partners in 2010 because Berkeley’s culture and independence better fit Charlie’s goal of providing his client’s with a more thoughtful, creative and hands on portfolio strategy. Charlie’s “4-4-2” portfolio strategy has resonated with clients which is a natural fit now that Charlie’s clients are mostly retired, close to retirement or conservative in nature. Charlie’s “4-4-2” portfolio strategy actually lowers volatility and at the same time increases the yield in the portfolio without “STRETCHING” for yield. It’s a great fit for helping clients manage the volatility better. Lower risk and more income is a great combination. As a Senior Investment Officer at Berkeley, Charlie is hands-on with his client’s portfolios and provides great insight into the capital markets.

Originally from New York, Charlie graduated from John Jay College in N.Y.C. with a BS in Criminal Justice. Charlie lives in the suburbs of Atlanta with his wife and three sons and one grandson.

Charlie enjoys golf, scuba diving, kayaking and snow skiing.

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