SBA 504 Loans

A Comprehensive Financing Solution for SBA 504 Loans

Getting an SBA 504 loan doesn’t have to be difficult. As a private lender, Access Private Capital can work with SBA 504 programs nationwide to:

Move more quickly:

We’ll help you get through the process without the stress and uncertainty associated with most traditional lenders.

Find solutions:

We’ll work with you to solve underwriting problems that may cause other lenders to abandon your loan.

Cover all your bases:

We can assemble a comprehensive financing package that can include a construction loan if needed.

Offer affordable financing:

You can count on market-rate pricing and flexible loan structures


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Boost your 504 loan volume. Access Private Capital is a non-bank, first-mortgage lender that is:


As a non-bank lender we’re able work creatively but responsibly to fund SBA-approved loans that many traditional third-party lenders cannot.


Loan fall through at the last minute? We can deliver quality underwriting in as little as two weeks.


We offer competitive pricing including 10-year fixed rates and up to a 30-year amortization.


Our partnerships with bridge lenders offer a seamless process for coordinating construction loans if needed.


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Get your deal done. An SBA 504 loan via Access Private Capital can be ideal solution for you and your client.  We can:

Keep it simple: 

The SBA 504 program is often the best financing solution for small businesses, but it sometimes gets overlooked because it seems complicated.  By synching our underwriting process with CDC’s, we make it easy and clear for the borrower.

Close quickly:

As a private lender we can offer competitive rates but without the red tape and delays that often come with traditional banks.  Which means we can meet closing deadlines most others can’t.

Offer a one-stop-shop

We offer a complete lending package, which can also include construction lending for projects that require ground up construction as well as major or minor renovation projects.


See how we’ve helped CDCs fund more loans.

Case Study: Moving Quickly

Recycling and Remediation Company acquiring a new warehouse building to expand operations

The seller of the property needed to close quickly and had multiple offers from other buyers.  Access Private Capital was approached because the existing TPL was not moving fast enough to meet the hard closing deadline required by the seller.  

Access Private Capital expedited its underwriting and agreed to utilize the existing third party reports that were in process (appraisal and environmental).  The loan was closed two weeks after Access Private Capital was first contacted, saving the borrower from losing the property and the CDC from losing the deal. 

Case Study: Problem Solving

Fitness Facility with sound credit metrics

The borrower had a longstanding relationship with a major national bank. The bank brought the loan to the CDC and the loan was approved by the SBA. Despite sound credit metrics across the board and a long history with the borrower, one of the bank’s underwriters denied final approval because of a perceived credit issue that particular underwriter didn’t like.

The borrower’s relationship manager wanted to help the borrower find another lender but didn’t want to refer the deal to a competing bank. Access Private Capital was considered an ideal neutral solution. After review, APC determined that the bank’s issue did not warrant holding up the loan, and it was approved and closed a month later.

Case Study: A Complete Solution

Used Auto-Dealership acquiring a new facility

The project required extensive renovations to an existing building the dealership was acquiring. After working with another TPL the borrower was denied approval because of a family relationship between the borrower and the TPL’s management. The borrower needed a quick and comprehensive solution – one that would cover both the construction financing as well as the permanent financing.

Access Private Capital worked with the CDC and another lending partner to quickly put together an integrated and straight forward solution that covered all the borrower’s needs to complete the acquisition and renovation of the project as well as meet a tight closing deadline.